You Say It’s Your First Day…

Well, it’s my first day, too!

Back, that is…back in classes. This semester, I’ll be joining you all, my fellow Columbians, in the hallowed halls of learning.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Join me in my intermediate German class. My goal? Nietzsche bed-time stories…in German…by year’s end. I’ll also be trading in my old gray mare status for that of the wooden variety, as the prodigal son returns to Lit Hum.

Why the classes, you ask? Because classes lead to, among other things, conversations…conversations lead me to other avenues of exploration including museums, movies, galleries, and theatre…and I return to the classroom and the conversations with my classmates more enriched than when we started. We then take our knowledge to our next classes and so on.

In effect, we all learn that learning is a never-ending story…minus the boy and his flying dog.

image0991That being said, I’m late to class.

See you on campus…I look forward to the conversation(s).


Chad Miller, GS’07
Events and Outreach Coordinator

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