We Want You and Your Blogging Skills!

There’s tons of events and information that we here at CUarts could blog about endlessly, no doubt. But we know that all of the students and organizations out there in the Columbia universe have opinions, ideas, and experiences that you want to talk about. Solution? You blog for us!

At CUarts, we’re all about listening. We answer the questions you have, we sell the tickets you want, we share the events you host, we help you get connected to all the arts and culture you can handle. But we want you to inform us, too! About anything and everything: that awesome exhibit you saw last week, the event your student group is putting on, the challenges of navigating art at CU, your feelings about the latest news on national art funding. If you’re at CU, we want your voice on our blog. Why? Because you can get the word out about what you’re doing, and get people involved; you can start a conversation about the arts; you can share your amazing experiences with the entire Columbia community.

Okay, so, how? Write up a blog entry for us: short, long, with images, with videos, whatever you feel your subject deserves. Send it over to our Events and Outreach Coordinator, Chad Miller, at cam2015@columbia.edu. We’ll take a look, get back to you with any questions we have, and then, voila! You’re posted on the CUarts blog. What are you waiting for? Make it happen! I’d love the next blog post I read to be from you.


Kimberley Roode Mackenzie, TC ’11

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One Response to We Want You and Your Blogging Skills!

  1. Let me guess, classes started and well, blogging about art is a bit more work than you initially thought, huh? 🙂

    I do hope you get bloggers to participate. Though be sure this blog doesn’t evolve into a mere pr campaign for the ny art scene (it’s not necessary) or worse the blogger
    Keep the discussion elevated.

    Enjoy your fall classes and make some good studio time.

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