Why I Love To Love The TIC

I’m in love. With who you might ask…why with the TIC of course! I discovered this heartthrob of a box office one afternoon on my way to Cafe 212 for a coffee back in January of 2008, and it was love at first sight. It flashed its LCD screens in my direction, enticing me with offers of Broadway discounts and free advanced movie screenings. He really knew how to get to this girl’s heart!

I made my way to the desk where a smiling face greeted me and asked, What kind of tickets are you looking for? Those words were like music to my ears. Someone was asking me what I wanted? Oh this TIC was too smooth…As I reviewed the list of discounts the TIC had to offer, I saw the one offer that let me know that the TIC and I were meant for each other: Movie Vouchers for AMC theaters. I’m probably the biggest movie fanatic in Manhattan and recently became an AMC Movie Watcher. Meaning, I go there so often that now I actually get rewards like free popcorn and soda for doing what I already do.

I was at a loss for words. I can go and see my favorite new releases for only $8.50?!? I requested two gold AMC vouchers and paid the total. I walked away having a total Willy Wonka experience. I had a golden ticket! A shiny, new, crisp, and cheap ticket that was going to take me to any AMC theater in the city.

How can you not fall for the TIC! This January will be our two year anniversary and in the time that we’ve spent together, I’ve gone to the Opera twice, I’ve seen Wicked, The Lion King, as well as an advanced screening of Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. I’m totally the smitten kitten when it comes to my Box Office beau, but I’m a senior this year and I don’t know what the future will hold for me and the TIC. Hopefully as a CAAL member I’ll be able to stay in touch, but I leave it to you to keep him company in the future. He loves to help you with your night out so go show him some love…I know I have!

Mary Baird
CC ’10

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