I’d Like A Side of Advocacy With My Lunch, Please…

What exactly is arts advocacy?  This was the question on the minds of all the students and groups that came by Russell Hall last Friday for the latest Lunch with the Arts Initiative. We explored this idea and much more!

Though the CUarts Lunch last week was sponsored by Student Advocates for the Arts (SAA) and titled “Why Arts Advocacy is Important,” the first issue on the table was definitely what the definition of the term even is. The students and group leaders who stopped by all had extremely different notions on the subject.  For SAA, arts advocacy is about soliciting support for the arts on a state and national level- each year, they visit Albany and Washington to rally government funding for the arts at large. But over the course of discussion, Postcrypt Gallery, Global Initiative for Social Change through the Arts, the Vagina Monologues, and even SAA itself expressed lots of different ideas, definitions, and further questions. Our Lunch PDF doc has some of these questions and ideas a little more in detail, so check it out on the lunch page on the CUarts site!

Most of all, this lunch was a good reminder of why we even care about arts advocacy to begin with- it’s a means to an end that has a much grander beginning and middle.  Before we ask why arts advocacy is important, let’s ask why art is important and how it can be used to improve our lives.


Kimberley Roode Mackenzie, TC ‘11

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