A New Kind of (Love) Story

Who doesn’t love a good (love) story? NOMADS confronts issues of love and obsession, with the help of numerous parentheses, in the brand new play The (Love) Story of MyrtleWilloughby and Willough Myrtleby (and the Neighbors).

Written by Barnard sophomore Cassandra Adair, the play tells the story of Myrtle (Casey Hayes), an endearing stalker who’s been sitting outside Willough’s (Ravenna Koenig) window for seven years. The two-person show centers entirely around these two characters, their neuroses, and their relationship. At the heart of the show is a question about love itself, a question that goes unanswered. Director Katie Lupica (CC ’11) elaborates, “Who’s in love? Are they in love? What happens with the love part of it? Is it a love story? That’s definitely up to interpretation.”

Though Myrtle is unabashedly, all-consumingly infatuated with Willough, the love is one-sided. Or is it? Despite the extraordinary premise, Lupica insists that the love plot is not so unusual. “People who sit outside other people’s windows for seven years without being carted away or institutionalized, it doesn’t really happen. But there’s so much in this play that speaks to universal relationships, just between people in general, not necessarily romantic relationships.” The relationship between Myrtle and Willough is part friendship, part love affair, part stalker/stalked, and yet utterly undefinable. Hence the parentheses.

NOMADS was kind enough to let me sneak into their final dress rehearsal on Wednesday, and I am proud to present a special Sneak Peek of The (Love) Story of MyrtleWilloughby and Willough Myrtleby (and the Neighbors). The show runs Thursday, October 22 – Saturday, October 24 in the Lerner Black Box Theatre. Tickets are just $4 with CUID at the TIC. Check it out and enjoy a new kind of (love) story.


Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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