New Meaning to a “Fork in the Road”

Bob Stane of Altadena, CA recently became a recipient of the best birthday present ever: an 18-foot sculpture of a fork, rooted in the traffic median where St. John and Pasadena Avenues divide.

The fork was created by artist Ken Marshall, who co-owns a local coffeehouse and art gallery with Stane. The guerilla statue was erected by Stane’s friends, who disguised themselves in fake government uniforms and hard hats. “I told [Stane], you can cross this off on your bucket list,” Marshall said to the LA Times.

Perhaps the best part is that the City of Pasadena is now considering allowing the work to stay up as a piece of public art. I am personally thrilled because this brilliant work of art brings to reality one of my favorite Muppet songs ever.


Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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