The Fairy Tale of ReImagined

100_0694reImagined is a play about fairy tales?  Sounds a little odd and juvenile at first glance, but you have to look deeper. reImagined is unlike anything I have ever heard of and I was immediately intrigued. Directors Amanda Stoffel and Ameneh Bordi embarked to create a play drawing on fairy tales from all around the world, not just the fairy tales we hear ad naeusum as children. Stoffel, Bordi and the cast compiled lists of international fairy tales and whittled it down to ­­­­eight. The story centers around the protagonist, Child, who encounters and weaves through the eight fairy tales.

The level of trust the directors have in their cast and vice versa can only come from a project such as this where everyone is so deeply involved with creation of the play. The cast presented multiple fairy tales to each other. The team decided to use stories that played on themes of self-discovery, love, and hope. The enthusiasm of the entire team makes it impossible not to be sucked into the world and experience the stories with Child.


Cast member Ausar English said reImagined hopes to transport both the actors and the audience “back to the era of childhood” where one could allow “that thing called imagination to be the guiding force”. I was lucky enough to sit in on rehearsal of reImagined, and I believe they are poised to do just that. Stoffel and Bordi have worked hard to ensure the entire cast understands every step of the story as they are all utilized every step of the way. The cast has great physical embodiment, clear emotions and the ability to create beautiful songs. The passion and child-like wonder that everyone involved has for this project is evident and contagious.

ReImagined is playing for ONE NIGHT ONLY this Friday, November 13th at 8:00pm in Riverside Church (120th Street and Claremont Avenue). Tickets are $10 and are already sold out. However, you can get on the stand-by list by emailing .  There is more information on their facebook event. You can also learn more and see more pictures of ReImagined on their blog.


Alison Goldberg, BC ’12

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