Culture To Go Guides – A Night On The Town(s)

Our Best For A Warm and Safe Holiday Season!

Twas the night after presents…
Your cousins had gone.
You had sat at the kid’s table.
What had gone wrong?

Twas then you remembered
And you knew where to start.
You had your Culture To Go Guides,
Which offered you…ART

For Dallas, For San Fran, For Nola, For Boston,
For DC, For LA, For Philly, For Austin,
To St. Lou and SeaTac, Chicago, Phoenix as well.
There’s also Miami. Bikinis and bells!

So out to the city, you with your guide flew
With a list full of offerings so not to be blue.

You can hear us exclaim as you check off each one.
Make merry this season! Your finals are done!


Passport To NY - Culture To Go

Going home for the Winter Break? Maybe you’re headed to another major U.S city?
Let the Events and Outreach Team (Darcy, Mary, Abigail, and Chad) help plan your arts and culture events.

Over the past two weeks, we have curated events across fourteen cities for you to enjoy.

Each Culture To Go guide is like a mini-newsletter but tailored specifically for each individual city. All you have to do is pick a city below and plan your event!

Visit often and take pics! We’ll be happy to share them via our CUartsFlickr.

Happy Holidays!

Chad Miller
Manager of Social Media and Community Outreach

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