ArtsLink: Not Your Parent’s Field Trip

Remember those field-trips you used to take as a child? I remember those magical days acutely – getting bundled up in coats and hats, and boarding a bus with Mary and Daryl’s Mom – singing songs on the bus and feeling slightly ill as it thumped upstate, bound for some colonial museum or nature preserve where we’d churn butter like our colonial ancestors or poke at animal dung in an attempt to determine their dietary habits. Most of all, I remember the surge of excitement as I transformed into a colonial girl or a scientist. Field trips were the highlight of my elementary education. They brought the classroom to life!

Thanks to ArtsLink, field trips are back.

And this time, we’re not talking about churning butter, or poking at dung – we’re talking about trips to the theater, screenings, and live music events – field trips to events whose tickets would normally put a dent in your wallet, but thanks to ArtsLink, are wonderfully affordable.

Maybe some of you have already gone on field trips with your classmates. This past semester I saw Our Town at the Barrow Street Theater, and Idiot Savant at the Public. Not only did ArtsLink make the tickets affordable, it got me out to see shows I would have otherwise missed. Our communal experience supercharged class discussion. We were able to discuss a whole range of topics, like the director’s choices, the actors ability, and our conflicting experiences of the performance. For classes involving music, theater, and poetry, where live performance is integral to the understanding of the text or score you are dealing with, ArtsLink serves an invaluable purpose. It is also valuable for classes where performance is not directly related to the topic at hand – Women and Gender Studies? Sociology? Anthropology? All of these topics can be enhanced by a trip to a provocative performance.

ArtsLink invites you to take part in sharing the love. If there are shows you want to see, related to the class you are taking, or even sort of related to the class you are taking, but definitely awesome, you should recommend them to your teacher! If your professor thinks the show looks relevant, they can hook you and your classmates up with a field trip and a discounted ticket!

So if this sounds compelling, don’t hesitate.

To view a list of sample events for Spring 2010, visit our calendar.

If you see a show you like, share it with your professors! If there is a show you want to see that isn’t listed, suggest it to your professor and we will do our darndest to get group rate discount tickets.

See ya in the theatre (not the yellow bus).


Rosie duPont
ArtsLink Associate
Barnard College, Class of 2010

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