Nonprofits and Social Media

This is clearly not a case of never the twain shall meet…

Nonprofits and social media are today’s chocolate and peanut butter, and today’s savvy group of technological tastemakers are taking this confection and building the new philanthropic playgrounds.

No need to wait for it to be built for you, fellow organizations. Join in. Here are some tools to take to the sandbox.

– Create your own YouTube channel and link to any and all multimedia you may have of your organization, whether from promotions or footage from events. Showcase your constituents and community whenever possible.
– Additionally, you can subscribe to a sister or parent organization’s channels/videos to create a larger community of people sharing the same interests and goals.
– Most importantly, encourage your constituents to upload their own videos. These will undoubtedly showcase the diversity of your organization and be your best testimonials and advertisements.

– Constituents or members upload their own videos and tag them with your organization.
– You can search out photos via Flickr or some other platform and tag them to your organization. It’s an incredible open-sourced way to engage a larger community.

– List your organization with Foursquare. People check in at your event via the application and earn rewards for each subsequent event they visit or for which they volunteer. They earn badges that can be shown off electronically via their website or phone. It’s like the Boy Scouts but with smartphones instead of S’mores.

Just the beginning, of course. Every day brings a new app and a new program…and most importantly, a new opportunity for you to join the conversation and build your organization.

This used to be my playground, Madonna once sang. Now it’s ours.

See you in the sand.


Chad Miller
Events and Outreach Manager

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    thanks for your comments

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    what is the criterion for listing organization with Foursquare..

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