6 Ways To Get Blog Attention For Your Arts Event

Thousands of bloggers are out there digging for their next big scoop and your arts event (small or large!) may just be the flavor they’re looking for to share with their readers. With some minimal effort, these 6 tips can put your arts event considerably ahead of the pack right to the forefront of some serious blogger love.

Invite Photographers to Your Events – Columbia’s campus is full of student-photographer hobbyists eager to have their dSLRs work for you. In our image-driven world, bloggers need some sort of eye candy to accompany their posts… So why not make their lives a bit easier?

In The Press – Having a press section on your page not only gives your organization a higher profile but also shows that you are willing to link to bloggers who support you.

The Thank You Message – Facebook allows you to message event attendees even after the event occurred. If a blogger reviews your event, stick it in the message along with a friendly thank you to all individuals who attended. The temporary surge in traffic on the blogger’s website will make them more likely to cover your events in the future.

RSS FeedReally Simple Syndication (RSS) is the leading format for publishing news. Its strength? RSS allows bloggers (and anyone else) to subscribe to a large number of news sources without needing to check each website regularly for updates.

The One Sheet – List all participating artists, their work, and any sort of relevant information (medium, date, subject, etc) and have this information available for download in PDF form both before and after the event.

Reach Out – Half of success in life is showing up. Reach out to blogs whose subject matter align with your event format.

Are you an on-campus or non-profit organization with a question about online strategy? Feel free to email me at michelle.madejski@gmail.com.


Michelle Madejski, SEAS ’10

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