Lincoln Center Theater to Build New Black Box

A computer rendering of the new black box theater that will be perched atop the Vivian Beaumont. Michael Klausmeier Inc.

The Diana Center isn’t the only new black box theater in town. The New York Times reports that Lincoln Center Theater has announced plans to build a new black box theater on top of the existing Vivian Beaumount Theater.

The theater will be the new home to LCT3, a program started in 2008 that features the work of new and emerging theatre artists. Currently Lincoln Center rents the Duke Theatre for LCT3 performances. The creation of the new space is designed to bring that program, with its emphasis on the development of new artists and audiences, into Artistic Director Andre Bishop emphasized the importance “that it not be way off on west something-or-other street, not be a stepchild.” Tickets will be just $20 each, a welcome price for cash-strapped students and young professionals. Bishop clarifies the mission of the black box:

“This is our way of finding writers and directors and designers to come here and work here on all our stages. The only way for theater to survive is to constantly renew itself.”

The new space shows a dedication to emerging artists on the part of Lincoln Center Theater. While such a focus has always been a part of the theater’s mission, the highly successful revival of South Pacific, which has been running for nearly two years now, has relegated all other newer works to the less-publicized Mitzi Newhouse Theater in the basement. Lincoln Center’s reaffirmation of support for the development of new theatre is a welcome change from the increasingly stagnant programming that has been seen in nonprofit theatres around the country.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March, with a completion date of late 2011 or early 2012. For more information, including specifics about the architecture of the new space, check out the Times article.

Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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One Response to Lincoln Center Theater to Build New Black Box

  1. sunny says:

    I’m sorry but running South Pacific, a revival of a commercial musical for TWO years and counting, is beyond “stagnant”; it’s criminal. We have to tell the truth here. Lincoln Center Theater is using tax payer money and grants for a “non profit” theater to produce a commercial venture to pay Bishop and Gersten six figure salaries and it is despicable. Building a new multimillion dollar “black box theater” scarcely justifies such corruption.

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