The BodyCartography Project: 1/2 Life

The BodyCartography Project combines dance and video to create innovative, socially relevant works. Their latest work 1/2 Life will be performed at Performance Space 122 next weekend. In their own words: “The performance hovers geographically at the edges of the Pacific Ocean – connecting nuclear super power USA, atomic survivor Japan and nuclear free New Zealand. Performers from these three countries team up with a physicist to pursue experiments in objectification, understand the
 physics of nuclear power through interpretive dance, build contemporary folk dances, translate data into movement and distil reality into to a series of marks on a chalkboard.”

Here’s a glimpse of this new work and the creators behind it:

The New York performances will be February 10-14. Tickets are just $15 for students with CUID and CAAL members, $20 full price.

Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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