Go Fish! Using The Web to Find Volunteers

Convincing people to commit their time and effort to your organization is never easy. To even have a fighting chance in staffing, you need to let people know exactly what sort of opportunities you have on the table. Thankfully, there are many great web 2.0 options for volunteer recruitment that make printing forests of fliers a thing of the past.

1) Ask Your Beneficiaries: Time, rather than money, is easier to come by for artists and many will be more than willing to lend you a hand if you’ve supported their work in the past. Maintain a mailing list for easy access to everyone and anyone involved in your organization.

2) School Websites: Whether high school or college, students everywhere are hungry for experience and credit that will set them apart from their colleagues. Most institutions offer some sort of career services that will provide assistance in filling your more prestigious internship positions.

3) Website Directories Websites such as idealist.org provide a wonderful tool to connect the volunteers to organizations. Simply fill out the form, submit your listing and your volunteer opportunity suddenly became accessible to thousands of candidates.

4) Use the Social Capital of your Members Social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) allow you to not only connect instantly with your members but also to leverage the social power of your supporter’s networks. Encourage your members to re-tweet and share your volunteer opportunities and allow special consideration friend’s of your supporters to add an incentive for the promotional help.


Michelle Madejski, SEAS ’10

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