GS Talent Showcased in New Venture

Hello All!  My name is Candice Arakelian and I serve on the student council as the Sophomore Class President for the School of General Studies.  I am very excited to announce The GSSC’s First Annual Spring Talent Showcase.  This is a new initiative that GSSC is producing to help integrate GS students into the undergraduate community of Columbia University. Our school has never produced a large scale cultural or artistic event like the other undergraduate schools and we wanted to finally share our artistic talent with fellow students, faculty and the Morningside Heights Community. We hope the event will foster a sense of school spirit and solidarity for students within the school of General Studies as they work together to build an event that will not only showcase their many talents but will also act as a catalyst to get students in GS more involved in other school-wide projects that their unique abilities may benefit. We hope to bridge gaps and debunk some myths regarding our students by giving the CU community a more diverse picture of what it means to be a GS student and by incorporating student bios into the event that will share the personal histories and accomplishments of many of our students.

The School of General Studies is home to many present and former professional visual artists, singers, musicians, actors, and dancers, to name a few.  You will see performances from students like GS’s Student Body President, Katherine Edwards, who was a professional opera singer before studying at Columbia University.  In addition, our musically talented deans will be there to rock the house!  Alison Scola is a singer and she will be performing with guitarist Dean Scott Halvorson and drummer Skip Bailey. Skip will also be hosting the event. We have already seen auditions including Michael Jackson impersonations, Salsa dancing, and amazing pianists to name a few.  These brilliant men and women have come to GS to pursue second and sometimes third careers and are often rubbing shoulders with students who are on the path to securing their first careers.

We believe that both GS students and their CC, Barnard and SEAS peers can learn much from each other not only academically but socially and culturally. It is our hope that creating the First Annual Spring Talent Showcase will create the appropriate environment to share our stories, experience and aspirations with the rest of the undergraduate community and the greater Columbia community and learn how we can use our diverse backgrounds and lend our expertise in supporting our peers while at the same time engaging existing student groups and endeavors on campus.

This event is not just for GS but for the entire Columbia University community – undergraduates, graduates, faculty and administration. We at the GSSC are so very excited to finally have an event that will bring the mecca of talent at GS to one stage.

If you are interested in performing in GSSC’s first annual Spring Talent Showcase, please contact me at Although we are actively searching for talent within the GS community, auditions are open to groups with at least one GS student performer. The event will be held in the Roone Arledge Auditorium, Lerner Hall on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at 1:00pm. Audition information available here. Purchase tickets to the show here.

Candice Arkelian, GS ’11

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