Food, Glorious Food!

Last time I went to Community Food & Juice, I felt the impulse to start singing… “Food glorious foood!”

For the waitress’ sake, I composed a haiku about my brioche french toast instead.

Like Oliver Twist, I usually can’t afford the luxury of dining out.

Most nights are spent slurping gruel in my dorm room. BUT…

Thanks to CUlinary ARTS those days are gone!

CUlinary ARTS has partnerships with over 30 restaurants around NYC to provide special offers to current Columbia University students. Just present your CUID at any of the restaurants listed on the CUarts website and eat for cheap! No more gruel for you!

Below are a few of the best offers in town, and some haiku’s about their delicious fare.

ATOMIC WINGS, 10% off final bill

Buffalo Chicken

A rare breed, struts New York streets

Cluck, cluck, wings for cheap!

COMMUNITY FOOD & JUICE, 10% discount off the total bill during snack hour (Monday to Thursday, 3:30pm-5pm). 10% discount on weekend brunch, 9-10am on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday morn, fork toast,

Squish! Maple drizzle tower

Topples. Lick lips. Smile.

HUMMUS PLACE, 10% Discount

Creamy, cheap, chick peas…

“More Hummus!” Sesame. Dip

Deep, Middle East. Yum.

AQUAGRILL, Complimentary Petits Fours, including Aquagrill’s hand     made chocolates, tuiles and cookies

Brunch on bouillabaisse

Slurp on fine wine, suck oysters

Divine. Dine with stars!

If you go to any of these restaurants and are artistically inspired, please post your own haiku in a Comment or send us a blog post!

Happy Nibbling!

Rosie duPont, BC ’10

ArtsLink Associate

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