Baldness as Canvas

Baldness is usually treated as an unfortunate side effect of bad genes or getting older. Philip Levine embraced his baldness as an artistic opportunity.

Determined not to conform to normal expectations for baldness, Levine teamed up with professional body artist Kat Sinclair and together they created a work of art where his hair used to be. Now, they regularly create new designs, each expressing different aspects of Levine’s personality. Levine says:

“My initial message was to take what may be seen as a weakness in humans and use it as a form of creative expression… I have had messages from sufferers of cancer, alopecia and general people balding that they are inspired to do something on their head. I tell people to feel special, original and embrace what could be looked at as a weakness and turn it into a strength.”

Levine posts pictures of his new head designs on his website, Phil Says Head Designs, and is working on an art exhibition to showcase the project.

Baldness: A New Canvas for Awesome Art (Asylum UK)

Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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