Toothpick City

Toothpicks are a staple of arts and crafts rooms in schools everywhere. But few people manage to transcend the humble toothpick to truly artistic heights.

Stan Munro is a bona fide toothpick artist. He creates amazing recreations of famous buildings, made entirely out of toothpicks. Yes, toothpicks. According to his website, Munro developed an interest in”toothpicking” at an early age: “His first introduction to toothpicks was in grade school when Stan’s art teacher instructed the class to make a toothpick structure that was six inches tall and could hold an egg. Stan’s held his desk.”

That natural talent, and unending patience, have led Munro to create massive Toothpick Cities. His Toothpick City II: Temples and Towers is the largest toothpick structure on the planet. Check out this video of his work; it’s really amazing:

Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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