One Brick At A Time

Young Nathan Sawaya wanted a dog from his parents. His parents said no. No worries, thought Nathan, I’ll build one instead…out of Lego. Now, a thirty-six year old Nathan is filling the Agora Gallery in Chelsea with his bounty of bricks. His exhibition is the first solo exhibition of Lego in the city.

Sawaya notes, “When I am working on a project I enjoy, I completely submerge myself into the project, going into a trance-like state.” Lite-Brite had this same effect on me, although it could have been the E-Z Bake Oven-esque bulb burning into my eyes.

You could indulge your inner child by excavating Easter eggs this weekend…or you could get thee to the gallery and behold the bricks.

Have your own favorite Lego creations/movies/art? Let us know, and we’ll post them here. Embrace your inner kid.

Chad Miller
Events and Outreach Manager

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