If I Can Make It Here

As a graduating senior who frequently writes for a blog, I’m supposed to be dispensing wisdom and waxing nostalgic about the fleeting pleasures of youth. But frankly, I don’t feel that wise and public displays of nostalgia often seem painfully trite to me.

Like many Columbia graduates, after I leave the hallowed 116th Street gates I’ll also be leaving New York itself. In working at CUarts, it’s been my job and my pleasure to help keep the “in the City of New York” in its rightful place right next to the words “Columbia University.” It’s not Columbia without that free ticket to the Met, actually being able to afford a Broadway show, and accidentally taking the 2 train to the wrong 116th St. stop.

So, in the great tradition of commencement speeches, I refer you to someone far more wise and fabulous than I. And naturally, through song. It’s sparkly, sassy, and was dubbed BEST VERSION by the Stepping Out Liza blog (and really, who am I to disagree?).

Darcy Zacharias, CC ’10

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  1. CUXIV says:

    very very nicely said. :’) good bye!

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