Nic Cage + Iguanas=Midnight Masterpiece?

Nicolas Cage: Some people love him. A lot of people hate him (and with good reason). Cage is one of those actors you love to hate, especially when he gives a manic performance with no limits. The IFC Center (6th Ave and 3rd street) is presenting a series of Cage’s “best” (read: so-bad-they’re-good) movies every weekend at midnight.

This weekend brings the actor in Werner Herzog’s “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,” in which Cage plays a detective trying to solve a murder in the city of jazz, but spends much more time on indulging in hard drugs and other vices, making it more a ridiculous comedy than a serious character study. Check out a great scene below where Cage can’t stop imagining a set of iguanas while at a stakeout.

For those of you sticking around for the Memorial Day weekend, the film plays Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at 12:20AM this weekend only! Tickets are $12.50.


Peter Labuza, CC’11

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