Video of the Day: LA-based Katy Perry fails to topple NYC in latest video

There have been some very epic rivalries throughout history: Rome and Carthage, England and the United States, Texas and Oklahoma State, Coke and Pepsi However, none of these compare to the rivalry for greatest city in the world: New York and Los Angeles. We here at CUArts know that this contest is a no-brainer, yet those damn Californians never give up.

Consider their latest offense: Last fall, Brooklyn-born rapper Jay-Z spun a stunning #1 hit with Alicia Keys called “Empire State of Mind.” The song, heard blasting throughout the city, was a true reminder of why we love it here. Jay expressed about his love of “cruisin’ down 8th St” and “sitting courtside, Knicks and Nets give me high-fives” while R&B singer Alicia Keys sang an inspirational chorus about the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” Needless to say, it  gave a whole new generation of New Yorkers another anthem.

Hoping not to be topped, Los Angeles has decided to strike back with their own deadly combination: pop star Katy Perry. Perry’s new song, “California Gurls,” does not highlight the city as much as proclaim that if New York has style, LA has got the women. She proclaims how they wear “Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top.
Sun-kissed skin,
so hot,
we’ll melt your popsicle,” and tells us “You can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the Golden coast”

Obviously, it’s on. However, Perry has debuted the music video for her insanely catchy song, and this is where Jay gas won. While the “Empire State of Mind” video highlights the glitz and glamour of the city in a crisp black and white, Perry’s video seems to take place in…Candy land. I’ve been to California, and there are no giant licorice sticks or walking gummi bears. By now, all Los Angolans are cringing that their chance to take on NYC have been crushed by a ridiculous music video that may show off the visual assets of Perry (especially with those whip-cream shooting breasts), but won’t lead the city to fame (Though today it seems they have plenty to cheer about). See the strange concoction below.


Peter Labuza, CC’11

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