Please excuse me while I indulge in a little Canadian pride. Thank you. Sorry.

It’s been a big week for my hometown. In addition to hosting the G20 summit starting yesterday, Toronto was also hit by a rather large (for that part of the country) earthquake on Wednesday, for the first time in decades. The excitement never ends! All of the news coming out of my homeland got me all nostalgic and missing Canada, so for this Video of the Week, we’re heading North (and back in time a bit) for a bit of good ol’ Canadian comedy.

Below is a classic Kids in the Hall sketch, one of the most blog-appropriate I could find. It’s worth exploring their stuff on YouTube and/or DVD, if you’re not familiar with them. They were so ahead of their time, tackling issues like gay marriage, celebrity adoption, and cannibalism before they were hot topics (like…circa 1990)! Even their less political or controversial bits are usually dirty or potentially offensive, so be forewarned! Not for the overly sensitive! But if nothing else, they’re funny, and isn’t that really all that matters when talking about a comedy troupe?


Emily Mousseau, GS’10

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