Video of the Day: California Gurls vs. the Washington Boys

In the interest of continuing Pride Month past the end of June (incidentally, Happy Canada Day!), today’s video of the day comes to you from Unicorn Booty. I was introduced to this company a couple of months ago, and I think it’s pretty darn great.  They support and promote gay-friendly businesses from their home state of Washington and around the country using social media as a platform, and they give out a daily prize through Facebook and Twitter. (For more on the company, see their website or their intro video. This post won’t be a long advertisement, I promise!)

Despite being a fairly new business, Unicorn Booty has already had to deal with random and unfair controversy—their Facebook page was removed without warning for a “violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service” (which they hadn’t actually violated–unless “booty” is somehow an offensive word, in which case don’t change your Facebook language settings to pirate), and they got into a battle with a major recording label over the meaning of “copyright violation.” Remember when CUArts posted Katy Perry’s California Gurls video? Well, we weren’t the only ones. It’s been posted, shared, commented on, and parodied by plenty of people around the country—such is the nature of our plugged in, turned on, and re-posted generation. At the beginning of June, Unicorn Booty’s “The Washington Boys” shot a video using Katy Perry’s California Gurls as background track and posted it to Youtube—only to have EMI, Perry’s recording label, flag it and remove it from the site. This wouldn’t be a problem if they’d done that with ALL of the other Perry-parodies, tributes, and covers. But it seems that, at the time, only the Washington Boys—a group of gay men—were targeted.

But they didn’t take that sort of treatment–whether is was intentional or just a fluke–lying down. Instead, through the magical power of social media, they tweeted at everyone they knew (and even some people they didn’t—like Lady GagaPerez Hilton, and Perry herself) and used their fans on Facebook to get the message out.

Thankfully, EMI and Perry’s publicist got the message—and the Washington Boys are back on Youtube! The video is frivolous and fun, and it’s actually less risqué than Perry’s own music video. It’s no masterpiece, but it’s full of spirit, silliness, and inflatable unicorns. And I think it’s worth sharing, if not for its step towards keeping gay civil rights in the public eye, then at least for the adorable Washington Boys.

BONUS VIDEO: The Washington Boys have put out another video! It’s a Glee mash-up/parody that they released just this morning. Enjoy!


Kay Prins SoA’12

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  1. Nick Vivion says:

    Thanks so much for the great post! We look forward to welcoming your readers at Unicorn Booty.


    N + K

  2. SW says:

    I love this company and I love these boys! Thanks!

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