Video of the Day: Because Life is Better with a Vuvuzela

Courtesy of Angela Radulescu

So what have you been up to this summer? Working hard at that internship, or skipping out of work to get drunk at odd mornings while blowing a plastic horn for a country you have only vague and irrelevant ties to? If you answered the latter, you have world cup madness.

Unfortunately that madness (or fortunate for those who believe soccer is a socialist sport) is about to come to an end on Sunday as the Orange men from Netherlands take on David Villa and the rest of the Spanish national team. The game is sure to be a hot one—both teams snuck past cup favorites to get to the finals, making this a European match for the ages.

If you were a fan of the photo series 99 Columbians, Angela Radulescu, CC ’11, has been spending ample time in bars across New York, capturing the madness on her Tumblr. The photos are really awesome, and she’s done a great job of trying to find a place where fans from each nation have appeared.

Courtesy of Angela Radulescu

Secondly, one of the most important things about the World Cup can be trying to find that perfect bar. Sure, you could try Nevada Smiths, but its too well known and will probably be packed beyond belief on Sunday. A couple places I have tried out include The Village Lantern, which has plenty of TVs and a great Italian owner who is sure to be surly following their elimination. My personal recommendation is over on the Lower East Side at a place called MJ Armstrong’s. The rowdy bar features $2 beers and, even better, buffalo wings for only 25 cents.

Finally, in keeping with our World Cup madness, check out this American fan who took to the streets off New York to show off that a vuvuzela (which may start a religious war!) can be used for any and every situation.


Peter Labuza CC’11

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