Video of the Day: Winners of Our Daily Show Contest

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last week and completely avoided our Twitter and Facebook bombardments, along with shoutouts from the both the Spectator and Bwog, we held a little contest to see who would be awesome enough to see a live stand-up show of the men (and hopefully women!) of The Daily Show.

The contest was simple: send us your favorite segment ever from The Daily Show. After watching all the videos, we here at CUArts decided that watching your clips was way more fun that doing data entry, and also you guys have some quality taste.

Still, there must be a winner, or in our case, four winners, each who will win a pair of VIP tickets to next Wednesday’s performance. To claim your prize contact Eleanor Milburn (

But without further ado…

Dan Schwartz, CC’12, (@das2890) sent us a classic video proving that sex sells, especially when its being sold by Stephen Colbert and a banana.

Elena Ripp, SEAS’14, (@epripper) shared a gem with the news team’s investigation into “small town values” while at the 2008 Republican convention which basically comes down to homophobia.

Christy Pill, SCE’10, (@christypill) sent a great reminder of a time we’d all rather forget, as Mahmoud Ahmadenijad took over campus. In this video, John Stewart nails the absurdity of the whole shenanigans.

And finally, Guido Jajamovich, SEAS ’13, (@gjajamo) found an investigations into one of my favorite topics: the apocalypse via the Large Hadron Collider.

Enjoy the performance guys!


Peter Labuza, CC’11

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