Guest Video of the Day: Patrick Blute Talks Safety

Hello CUArts fans!

First and foremost I’d just like to thank CUArts for the plug and featuring my short PSA announcement “Lights Out”. I made the short for a Bridgestone tires public service announcement contest about the dangers of texting while driving. I know this predicament is easier to avoid in NYC but, especially for all of us scattered around the globe during the summer, it’s essential to stay alert while driving.

Living on Cape Cod in a small town of 10,000 people in the off-season (~50,000 when it gets busy) has taught me a lot about the dangers of driving on narrow, congested roads. One of my high school classmates was killed a year ago on the one-lane outer Cape highway because of texting while on the road. It’s preventable. It’s avoidable. It’s devastating. And it has consequences.

The theme of my short revolves around things that “light up”. In a few of my psychology classes, professors have reiterated this idea: In order to effectively imprint an idea on your target audience, you must make them feel the positive or negative consequences of a decision. In order to evoke emotion, I decided to use bright imagery and the recognizable sounds of a car crash. Using the ‘less is more’ approach leaves the audience with a startling imprint of what will happen if they decide to text while driving.

I’m sure every one of us knows someone facing the heartache of this senseless tragedy. I hope you take a chance to look at my message “Lights Out” at Thank you again and I applaud all the beautiful work we do as Columbian artists to impact lives and change the world.


Patrick Blute, CC’12, is a rising Columbia College junior majoring in film studies. He has appeared in the last two iterations of the Varsity Show and XMAS 3!, and was a choreographer on XMAS 4!

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