Finally, the Return of the Greatest Character in Television History. Ever. Period.

Joshua Jackson was all over the interwebs this week as he made his triumphant return as the much-loved and dearly missed fantasy of late ‘90s high schoolers everywhere: Pacey Witter. Since he was in San Diego for Comic-Con anyway (to promote his popular JJ Abrams-created show, Fringe), Jackson took the opportunity to pay tribute to the shining gem of his career, Dawson Leery’s best friend, Joey Potter’s one true love, Capeside’s wittiest troublemaker. And if none of these words make sense to you, that’s okay; it’s only because you weren’t one of the roughly 6 million people watching Dawson’s Creek every week for six years. This is something of which you should probably be very proud. Either way, Jackson made a short video documenting his return as He of the bowling shirt and Caesar haircut, and while it’s a bit longer than the typical Video of the Week, I assure you it’s worth it. If you were a Pacey fan. Which, if you’re still reading, I can assume you were.


Emily Mousseau, GS’10

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