Hamlet Trumps Hamsters! Courtesy of ArtsLink

Many of us were drawn to Columbia for a similar reason: the cultural bounty that is NYC!

You didn’t want to spend your Saturday nights standing around in the forest getting drunk with a possum and a few friends.

You didn’t want to spend your Tuesday nights studying in the library and then walking home in the dark, stumbling over rocks.

You wanted to dance down the streets that never sleep!

Dash to the theater for a Wednesday matinee!

Eat macrobiotic cuisine next to Liv Tyler on a random Monday night!

And you wanted to bring all this glory into your studies. You didn’t just want to read Hamlet in class, you wanted to see it performed live, with your class.

ArtsLink is here to make that dream come true.

Spice up your syllabus with an outing to the Opera!  Get cheap tickets to a Broadway show, and talk about it in class! Gain a deeper understanding of chaos theory at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater!

Does this sound appealing? Then suggest an ArtsLink event to your teacher!

Here’s how: Visit our website: http://www.cuarts.com/artslink and click on the “Tell a Professor” tab in the left column.

Fill out the form here: http://www.cuarts.com/artslink/tellprof


The ticket purchase deadline for ArtsLink this fall is October 22nd, 2010. So you’ve got some time, but the earlier the better.

And remember, your ArtsLink ticket will cost you about $15 – $25, which is about 25-35% less than than the normal student discount price. Just think – you can go see a show for the price of a book!

So don’t hesitate! Get on it and suggest an ArtsLink event to your professor.

Rosie duPont
ArtsLink Associate

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