CONCRETE UTOPIA : A Call on Manifestos

Recent Barnard graduates Melanie Kress (’09) and Rosie duPont (’10) will be opening a new project space, CONCRETE UTOPIA, in Williamsburg on October 15th.

For its inaugural project, CONCRETE UTOPIA,  is issuing a call for manifestos for its project CALL ON MANIFESTOS. The intention is to collect, into one, extended space, a range of artifacts, art objects, performances, and performative records which, by their broad association with the history of the manifesto, will reflect upon the genre and its viability today. The submitted manifestos will result in a limited edition publication as well as the opening installation at UTOPIA .

We encourage submissions in all media, and in no way limit submissions to being text – or language-based, nor are they limited to your own, or original work. We welcome the submission of historical manifestos, as well as texts written for other publications or projects.  To submit, email with a brief summary of your submission, and an attachment of your text in Word format.  Any submissions intended for exhibition, please attach relevant images. Submissions will be accepted through September 22.

The exhibition will launch both the book and the space on Friday, October 15th.

For more information on CALL ON MANIFESTOS, CONCRETE UTOPIA, our mission, and how to get involved, please visit

We look forward to hearing from you!

Melanie Kress BC ’09 & Rosie duPont BC ’10

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