Post-Orientation Depression? CUarts has the cure!

Here at CUarts, orientation is our favorite time of year.

Why? Because we get to spread the CUarts love! More than usual, that is.

From August 24th to September 12th, CUarts was out and about, recruiting new students. Over the course of 3 weeks, we managed to get 883 new students to sign up for our newsletter.

That’s right, nearly a thousand new CUarts fans!

Now that it is almost October, all those school sponsored parties, chances to win free Columbia paraphernalia, and late nights with new friends are over. Your friends aren’t new anymore. You actually have to pay for Columbia paraphernalia. But the parties, oh, the parties WILL go on.

And CUarts is here to party with you!

We know there will be a point in the semester when you are drowning in homework, stressed out, tired, possibly a little depressed. You know what you should do? See a show. Go to a museum. Watch a Mets game! Treat yourself to all NYC has to offer.

Need some ideas? Check out the CUarts website, or wait for our weekly newsletter and just scroll through the ticket offers.

We promise we’ll have something to brighten up your life.

Say goodbye to Orientation, and hello to CUarts!

Rosie duPont BC ’10
ArtsLink Associate

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  1. Marcia says:

    Great article on Gregory, Chad. Marcia

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