Arts Initiative Director, Gregory Mosher, Says Hello Again To Broadway

It’s hard to express departure in ways that are novel. Currently, our collective minds here at the Arts Initiative are recalling several passages of yore that capture the juxtaposition of emotions one feels when there is an absence. Parting is indeed sweet sorrow, we agree. And it’s also cause to celebrate. In the words of Dr. Seuss…we won’t cry because it’s over. We’ll smile because it — the Arts Initiative — happened.

And we’ll continue to smile as we see Gregory Mosher’s talents return to Broadway. And maybe we’ll cry, too. But isn’t that the beauty of the theatre?

Please join us in congratulating Gregory on an incredible six years and in wishing him much success in future endeavors.

We say good bye, and good luck. To depart is human, to break a leg…divine. Or so is my view from the bridge (of my glasses).

Chad Miller
Associate Director, Faculty and Student Outreach


To read President Bollinger’s address to the Columbia community regarding Gregory Mosher’s achievements, click here.

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