Music and Dance Meet on Miller Theatre’s Stage: $7 Performance Tickets and a FREE Panel Discussion

Wendy Whelan and Craig Hall (c) Rosalie O'Connor

The New York Choreographic Institute (NYCI) marks its 10th anniversary with its first-ever public performances, right here on campus. Renowned New York City Ballet principal dancers—including Megan Fairchild, Tiler Peck, Wendy Whelan, Joaquin de Luz, and Craig Hall—will perform new choreography by Christopher Wheelden, Larry Keigwin, Jessica Lang, and Alexei Ratmansky, among others. The cutting-edge classical ensemble ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble) will accompany the dances with live performances of several new compositions. In addition, a piece by Justin Peck will feature movement set to music by Sufjan Stevens and Osso. Tickets for the performances this weekend are just $7 with any student ID.

A key element of NYCI’s mission is to foster collaborations in the creation of movement and music together. To this end, the Institute partners with The Juilliard School to develop artistic partnerships between choreographers and doctoral composition students. Hear Institute and Juilliard alumni talk about their collective processes in a FREE panel discussion TONIGHT at 7:00PM. We asked a few NYCI participants to tell us what’s so special about this unique approach to ballet:

“As a composer, having an opportunity to see the music, as well as hear the dance (as Balanchine would have put it) is a truly special thing. NYCI not only makes this possible, but also actively promotes the connection of new music and new choreography. For the ballet, new music is essential. Sadly (and ironically), this is not necessarily the case in the music world. Since my involvement in NCYI, which stretches back to 2003, I have learned that our work as composers in the dance world is often more accepted as a vital part of everyday life, than, say, in the orchestral world, where new works are seldom given such emphasis.”

– composer Daniel Ott

“What I find rewarding about working with the New York Choreographic Institute is the access to wonderful dancers and the opportunity to work with a composer on a collaborative creation. I am honored to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration and feel fortunate to work with Wendy Whelan and Craig Hall. They are an amazing pair! They were open and willing to try anything and for a choreographer that is what you need in your dancers during the creative process. They have worked a lot together in the past so their connection already has a deep trust which allowed me to achieve my artistic goals. I also really appreciated working with my composer for this project, Jakub Ciupinski. We have made a great bond through this piece.”

– choreographer Jessica Lang

It always a great experience to work with a choreographer. I find it very inspiring to share a creative process with another person. I can perceive my music in a different context, see my ideas being reflected by gestures, and learn something new from a collaborator. NYCI stimulates the creative process by arranging conversations between composers and choreographers, but at the same time I have never felt that my artistic freedom was in danger. Collaborating with Jessica Lang turned out to be a very natural process because our artistic sensibility and sources of inspiration tend to be similar. She communicated her ideas very clearly and it was not hard for me at all to compose music for her piece. I felt inspired, motivated, and free to express myself within this collaboration.”

– composer Jakub Ciupinski


Christy Pill, SCE ’10 and Miller Theatre employee

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  1. Congratulations on christening your new space with sweat and applause; I wish I could have been there. Less than a movie AND a panel discussion, does life get better?

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