Echoes from Home

For most people, the words “swiss alps” and “yodeling” conjure the echoes of Julie Andrews’ sweet voice.

But German writer/director/producer Stefan Schwietert‘s documentary Echoes From Home takes the “The Sound of Music” to a whole new level. Schwietert’s documentary, released in 2007, dives into the beauty and unique culture surrounding contemporary Swiss yodeling.

The excerpt below showcases one of musician Christian Zehlder’s gasp-worthy vocal and instrumental performances.  Zehlder’s work is inspiring for every opera singer, actor, musician and performer out there. And everyone else in between.

I recommend watching the rest of the film on YouTube. It raises questions like – “What are the factors that shape an artist’s individual voice?”

As Christian Zehlder says in Chapter 1 – “It is a question of the landscape you live in and tapping into it’s voice.”

How do you tap into the voice of your landscape???

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