AI Weekly Picks: new blog page!

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick you friend’s nose.  So goes the age old truism.  Over here at CUarts, we’ve been picking our brains about what other wisdom we might share, and suddenly we realized: that’s it! Weekly Picks!

See that, up there, under the CUarts header? That’s our brand spankin’ new Weekly Picks page.

Those of you familiar with or Weekly Newsletter already get the cream of the crop straight to your inbox (“What’s that?” you say, “can I, too, have a hand selected smattering of free and discounted events both on and off Columbia’s campus delivered directly to me every week?” Why yes, yes you can.  Sign up for our Weekly Newsletter here).  But we wanted to go that extra mile, so we’ve created this new page on our blog for you to see the current week’s picks in one place.  That means you can blog, tweet, facebook, IM, email, digg, StumbleUpon, delicious (translation: share!) the link with all of your friends.  Just don’t try to pick their noses while you’re at it.

AI Weekly Picks

This week includes free tickets to a LIVE lecture at the New York Public Library, various (le) poisson rouge shows and Wideman/Davis Dance Company, an exhibit at the Neue Galerie that is closing January 10, chances to win tickets to new shows at Bell House and Union Hall, discount tickets to an Oliver Sacks reading, and more!

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