Making Theatre, Fostering Relationships: Graduates and Undergraduates Come Together

About two weeks ago a group of undergraduate student theatre leaders along with a group of MFA Theatre students from the School of the Arts got together in one room. The event was a major stepping stone in a long-going project led by SDA, CUarts, and SoA to explore how undergraduate and graduate theatre-makers can work together, utilize each others’ talents and resources, and learn from one another.

The event acted as a sort of “mixer” for undergraduates and graduates to meet and foster relationships that could eventually grow into mentorships: whether playwriting, producing, dramaturgy, or directing. It was nice to see the idea that graduates and undergraduates should collaborate finally come together in a way that seemed accessible to the students. The event was casual but effective, and the administration provided support without getting in the way of who the event was really about: the students.

So what now?

We here at CUarts would like to continue the conversation. If you missed the “mixer” you can and should still get involved! In fact, many pitches went unanswered, and despite the success of the event, it was clear like many more relationships could and will still be formed. First though, you must do you part!

– Undergrads: please reply to this post with information about your projects and how you could use a mentor.
– Graduates, if you’re interested in mentoring tell us. If you have a project that you might need undergrads to assist or audition for, give us that information by replying as well.

Everyone else, get involved with these productions. Attend them, volunteer for them, support them….we encourage verbs. And keep checking the CUarts blog for projects you can get involved with and how you can connect with mentors.

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