Summertime at the TIC

Oh, summertime.  Once upon a time, summer meant sleeping ‘til noon and eating ice cream at will; now, summer means working three jobs and spending two hours a day on NJT trains.  These may not be the halcyon days of old…but they’re certainly no burden, either.  One of those three jobs is assistant-managing the TIC – otherwise known as the best job on campus.  I spend my days finding fabulous events all over the city, promoting them, and helping people get cheap tickets for them…in short, I help make cool stuff happen.  No CUIT gig or Wall Street internship could compare!

And what cool stuff is happening?  First, the TIC is building up a small inventory of summer shows.  We’ve sold tickets to Jersey Boys and Chicago in the last week, and we have Spider-man coming up shortly, with more yet to come.  (And yes, ArtsLink happens in the summer, too!  Ask your professors about seeing a show as a class if you haven’t already.)  We’re doing a ton of promoting this summer, too – New York City is filled with awesome cheap and free arts-related events in the summer (even more so than usual!), and we’re trying to get the word out about as many of them as possible.  I can talk to you about Shakespeare in the Park, the Met Opera’s Summer Recital Series, the River-to-River Festival, and literally hundreds of other events.  And the onset of summer doesn’t mean that Columbia’s gone dormant, either – we have an entire listing of events featuring students, alumni, and even faculty from our world-renown School of the Arts.  They’re doing everything from film to theatre to performance art, all over the world.

The summer is also a great time to take advantage of rush and standing-room-only ticket policies – because a lot of students leave for the summer (and plenty of students who come just for the summer don’t know about these policies), it can be easier to take advantage of those fabulous bargains.  And even though you probably will still have to stand in line, it’s a lot more pleasant to do it now than in the dead of winter!

Our usual offers are still there too, of course – the difference being that you probably have a little more time to take advantage of them now!  The Passport to New York program is still going strong – a validation sticker on your ID will get you in to thirty-four museums across the city for free, from biggies like the Met to tiny little unknowns like the Police Museum.  And, as ever, we offer discounted movie vouchers for AMC, Clearview, and Regal cinema chains (and the Angelika!), at prices ranging from $6.75 to $8.75.  It’s hard to say no to that kind of discount, especially with all the summer blockbusters coming out!

Keep an eye on our website, – it’s updated every day as we add more and more new discounts, offers, and listings for events all over the city.  A summer in New York is guaranteed fun, no matter how early you have to get up; take full advantage of it, and let us help!


Hilary Baboukis

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