Tips for Internships From The Center For Career Education

Thanksgiving break is around the corner and besides offering much-needed rest and home cooking, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time thinking about your Spring or Summer internship plans.  The Center for Career Education (CCE) recommends a few tips for getting your search on the right track.

  1. Do your research. What type of organization do you want to work for? A gallery, an after-school arts program, the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Make a list of the companies and industries you would like to intern in and start Googling.  Many companies post internship opportunities right on their websites. Others are posted through LionSHARE (CCE’s job board), the Arts Initiative’s own jobs and internships webpage, and external job sites like these. Set up a job agent in LionSHARE to receive emails with all new internships that match your search criteria. Even if you’re not ready to start applying, it will help you to get familiar with what’s out there. Get started with your research through the resources on the CCE website.
  2. Read.  If you’re passionate about something, you’ll naturally be curious about it, right? Once you’ve honed in on your interests and potential internship fields, read up on them. Read the blogs of industry experts. Sign up to receive daily or weekly newsletters from relevant trade publications (they’re usually free).  Read the news to stay on top of industry trends and the companies that you’re interested in working for. This will help to give you a deeper perspective on the industries you’re interested in, will prepare you for interviews and will help you to improve your writing skills.
  3. Use Social Media for professional purposes.  LinkedIn is a great way to get connected to professionals in your industries of interest, and employers use it to find potential candidates. Here is a great article on how to use it. You can also follow industry experts on Twitter to get their insights on the field and oftentimes, be the first to hear about new opportunities (many employers tweet when they have openings).
  4. Network in person. Reach out to the contacts in your network- it’s probably larger than you realize. Professors, friends of the family, relatives, parents’ coworkers, etc. are all contacts who may have connections to the industries in which you would like to intern. Ask them if you could speak with them about the industry and career advice- you’d be surprised how many people can spare ten minutes to talk to you about your career and potentially refer you to opportunities.  Also take advantage of more formal networking opportunities such as the CCE’s Fashion Industry Showcase, Spring Career Fair and Media Networking Night.
  5. Come see us. Our counselors can help you think about what types of internships are a match for your skills, interests and career goals and guide you in your search. They can help perfect your resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills.  No matter which point you are in your search- if you have no idea where to start looking or need help reviewing an offer letter- we’re here for you at each step of the way. Ten minute walk-in appointments are available from 1-4pm on weekdays, and you can schedule a longer appointment by calling 212-854-5609.
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