A Season for Surgam – Get Your Copy Today

“Sometimes a little boy visits me in bed.

His face is like that of a newborn infant,
and cystic acne rages from his hairline to his boy nipples;
he has no eyebrows.”

from “Boy” by P.J. Sauerteig


“Clouds crawl in, sapphire blue and haloed in gold. We all look to the sky in hope. The night before, there were clouds and flashes of orange and pink lightning casting the baobab trees into sharp relief, and the sun set in whorls of pink and impossible blue, but no storm materialized. Perhaps now is our chance.”
from “Reflections on South Africa” by Julia Pilowsky


“My grandma has lived in the same house for over sixty years. When I stay there, I sleep in the bed my great grandmother died in.”
from “Untitled”3 by Jennifer Knox


The little-known but much-adored literary magazine of the Philolexian Society, Surgam, was published last Friday, and will soon be available to pick up in many of the buildings around the main CU campus.  Surgam is published twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, and we also produce one winter edition that contains the winners of our Alfred Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest.  For the past fourteen weeks my editors and I have been forcefully soliciting submissions everywhere we could:  during Philolexian Society meetings, in our creative writing classes, with our friends, or from our out-of-state family members.  All this work definitely paid off, and I am incredibly proud of the magazine we put together.

We chose the pieces sitting around an orange table in the Diana Center.  All four of us were periodically distracted from the submissions by the singing-related reality show on the television behind us.  I like to think this made the magazine even better — we only chose the pieces that swept us away from the loud, bright screen into another world, one without Simon Cowell.  Out of around thirty-five individual submissions, we eventually chose fourteen, ranging from memoir to verse, from short story to painting, as well as one piece of glass-and-wire art from a Philolexian alumna.  The magazine comes from many places and hopefully can take you to many places as well.

Look for copies of Surgam in the publication distribution bins around campus if you want to pick up a copy!

– MC Allen, CC 2013

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