Build your Morningside Light

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

–Pablo Picasso

Welcome back to the Arts Initiative at Columbia! As your fall classes commence and begin to wash the summer dust from your brains, let the Arts Initiative help you wash the dust from your soul.

Whether you’re a first-year, a senior, or a grad student, now is your chance to engage with New York City as never before. Don’t know how to use the Arts Initiative to your best advantage? Check out our website, where you can find details on all of our services–from getting great deals on Broadway and movie tickets to reserving space for that new K-Pop dance group you’re starting on campus.

Want to get more involved with the Arts Initiative itself? Seen those Magritte-esque “Morningside Lights” flyers dotting campus but haven’t the faintest idea what Morningside Lights is?

Morningside Lights – a community art project in collaboration with Miller Theatre – is a week-long series of free art workshops that will culminate in a procession of large, illuminated sculptures in Morningside Park.

These workshops will be running in Miller Theatre, just next to the campus main gates, from Saturday, September 22 through Friday, September 28.  At each workshop, you can help to create lanterns and other visual art that will be illuminated and carried during the parade in Morningside Park on the evening of Saturday, September 29.

The best part about these workshops? You’ll get to work with Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles, the creative masterminds behind the art that leads New York’s Annual Halloween Parade, for free! You can also join them for an artist talk before the workshops begin on September 21. The workshops are free of charge and all materials will be included. All you have to do is sign up!

Want to get involved in Morningside Lights but not a fan of hot glue guns? If you know how to play an instrument or just like to make noise, get involved in the parade itself. You can bring your instrument and play in the procession or upload sound files that you record to Soundcloud, and your samples will become part of the score accompanying the artists and puppeteers marching in the parade. You can also sign up to carry art in the procession, even if you can’t make time for a workshop.

Hope to see you there!

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Laura Booth, CC’15

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