LateNite Spring 2010 Play Submissions

Hi, kids! The holidays were fun and everything but now it’s time to toast to The 12 Days You Submitting Your Short Plays/Musicals/Etc to LateNite Theatre!

Briefly, LateNite Theatre is a Columbia University performing arts group that produces two anthologies per year – one in the fall and one in the spring – of short student-written productions. Our shows always feature a variety of themes, from apocalyptic dinner parties to ninja fights and even really serious, emotionally draining shows!

No matter what you have on your laptop/Moleskine/Post-It notes, please send us your (typed up) original, never-produced plays to, or via our website, We will be accepting submissions from now until January 30, 2010. Please try to keep your work to a MAXIMUM of 30 pages, because then it ceases to be SHORT and then there will be a conflict of interest.

Furthermore, if you are interested in directing a play, email us about that too!

More information here.


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