Ricky’s + CUarts Costume Contest

rickys costume3


LAST CHANCE TO ENTER AND VOTE! Contest ends 11/5/09 at 11:59pm.

Whether you’re a first year, a grad student, a seasoned professor, or a degree-toting alum, by now you know that Ricky’s is your one-stop shop for all things Halloween.  CUarts teamed up with our local Ricky’s on Broadway between 113th and 114th to have a costume contest!

If you buy any piece of your costume at Ricky’s, you’re eligible. Snap a pic of yourself in your costume and e-mail it to us as an attachment.  We’ll upload them to our Flickr page so the whole Columbia community can vote.

And now for the prizes!

First place: $250 Ricky’s Gift Card + 4 Gold AMC Movie Vouchers

Second place: $100 Ricky’s Gift Card + 4 Silver AMC Movie Vouchers

Third place: $50 Ricky’s Gift Card + 2 Silver AMC Movie Vouchers

EVERYONE’S A WINNER! All contestants will receive one $5 Coupon to the Ticket+Information Center, good for 2 Movie Vouchers (excluding Gold AMC), and 10% off at Ricky’s!



1.  At least 1 piece of your costume must be purchased at Ricky’s on Broadway between 113th and 114th, or any other Ricky’s store in NYC.

2.  Contestants must e-mail their pictures to cuarts[at]columbia.edu by midnight on November 1, 2009.  CUarts will then upload the pictures to CUartsFlickr [www.flickr.com/CUartsFlickr] for online voting

3.  Online voting for best costume begins October 26, 2009 at 12:01am.  Vote by tweeting the name of your favorite costume, with the tag #costumecontest2009, or by posting the name of our favorite costume on our Facebook fan page [www.facebook.com/CUarts]

4.  Selected winners must validate their costume piece purchases with a Ricky’s receipt

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